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How to benchmark and improve your performance

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It’s already the middle of January and many New Year Resolutions are teetering on the brink of collapse. But fear not – there is one resolution that you can make which you will be able to keep because it requires little effort, is really interesting for anyone who is curious about how others behave and […]

Being a good employer – getting the basics right

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Employing people is a complex business and ensuring that your organisation is legally compliant can seem daunting to the board of trustees of a charity. Many aren’t daunted because they are unaware of their responsibilities and liabilities and may get a rude awakening when something happens to disturb their calm. Keeping abreast of charity legislation […]

Behaving with integrity

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This week the results of an Essex University survey on integrity were published causing a flurry of articles and discussion about the findings. It seems that from their responses to the questions asked, fewer young people show integrity than those in older age groups and that a greater number of us are less honest than […]

Someone to talk to

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Desert Island Discs may seem an unlikely source of inspiration for a blog on mentoring but that’s where this one started. Martin Sorrell of WPP was talking to Sue Lawley in a recent Radio 4 programme, about his business success and the support he had had from his father who had offered him a listening […]

Making time for planning

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As yet another deadline looms it’s so easy to lurch from one urgent task to another with an increasing sense of struggling to cope and an ever present feeling of “phew – another crisis narrowly avoided”. I’m convinced that some people are adrenalin junkies who need the thrill of near misses to keep them going. […]

Working in harmony

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I heard an interview on the Today programme this morning with a young British / Libyan woman who is in Libya to help ordinary people caught up in the current conflict. Her passion and motivation rang out as she stated: “I don’t care about the politics, they can all go blow themselves up for all […]

Performance managing the CEO – failure is not an option

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From conversations over time with many friends and colleagues who are trustees it is apparent that the most important and potentially frustrating and stressful relationship is that between the Chair of Trustees (and the rest of the trustee board) and the most senior paid staff member of the charity. Whatever the job title – CEO, […]