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Being a good employer – getting the basics right

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Employing people is a complex business and ensuring that your organisation is legally compliant can seem daunting to the board of trustees of a charity. Many aren’t daunted because they are unaware of their responsibilities and liabilities and may get a rude awakening when something happens to disturb their calm. Keeping abreast of charity legislation […]

A fresh pair of eyes

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One of the benefits of bringing a consultant or interim manager into your organisation, apart from expanding resources temporarily to achieve some critical objective, is that you can gain a new perspective on an issue. I attended an Institute of Interim Management event last week about the new Agency Worker Regulations (main message: don’t panic, […]

Performance managing the CEO – failure is not an option

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From conversations over time with many friends and colleagues who are trustees it is apparent that the most important and potentially frustrating and stressful relationship is that between the Chair of Trustees (and the rest of the trustee board) and the most senior paid staff member of the charity. Whatever the job title – CEO, […]

Why recruitment behaviour is crucial to brand image

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Many charities have professional teams of marketing communications experts who plan, execute and evaluate activities and the impact they have on organisational reputation and income. Budgets are set aside to enhance and reinforce external profile and image and, in those charities large and complex enough to need dedicated internal communications staff, much time, energy and […]