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Volunteering works in so many ways

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1-7 June is Volunteers’ Week in the UK and lots of charities and other organisations which rely on volunteers are highlighting the huge variety of roles for volunteers and the many ways in which people can contribute to their chosen good causes and to wider civil society. Let’s hope the recruitment drive succeeds in matching […]

Behaving with integrity

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This week the results of an Essex University survey on integrity were published causing a flurry of articles and discussion about the findings. It seems that from their responses to the questions asked, fewer young people show integrity than those in older age groups and that a greater number of us are less honest than […]

Learning to succeed

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I sat on an interview panel yesterday and was impressed by the calibre of the candidates. One particular point which impressed me was the response which all the interviewees  gave as part of their answer to the question “What personal attributes would you bring to the role in addition to your skills and experience?” The […]

Making time for planning

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As yet another deadline looms it’s so easy to lurch from one urgent task to another with an increasing sense of struggling to cope and an ever present feeling of “phew – another crisis narrowly avoided”. I’m convinced that some people are adrenalin junkies who need the thrill of near misses to keep them going. […]

Performance managing the CEO – failure is not an option

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From conversations over time with many friends and colleagues who are trustees it is apparent that the most important and potentially frustrating and stressful relationship is that between the Chair of Trustees (and the rest of the trustee board) and the most senior paid staff member of the charity. Whatever the job title – CEO, […]