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Volunteering works in so many ways

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1-7 June is Volunteers’ Week in the UK and lots of charities and other organisations which rely on volunteers are highlighting the huge variety of roles for volunteers and the many ways in which people can contribute to their chosen good causes and to wider civil society. Let’s hope the recruitment drive succeeds in matching […]

Increase your chances of getting to interview

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I’ve just completed a recruitment brief for a small organisation and thought it might be a useful time to reflect on some of the things I have learned, or been reminded of, to help recruiters and applicants get to interview. Firstly, and no apologies for restating some obvious points, it is really important as a […]

Learning to succeed

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I sat on an interview panel yesterday and was impressed by the calibre of the candidates. One particular point which impressed me was the response which all the interviewees  gave as part of their answer to the question “What personal attributes would you bring to the role in addition to your skills and experience?” The […]

Finding and keeping trustees

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In Trustees Week 2011 it seems timely to write a few words about the challenge that faces many of us who are involved in charity management. How do we find skilled individuals willing to volunteer their time as trustees and, having found them, how do we then keep them on board? Recruiting the right trustees […]

Whatever your age, work experience is a good thing

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The latest GCSE and A level results have been announced and another crop of students move onto the next stage in their lives making choices about future direction into work or further education. The options people take at 14, 16 and 18 affect their futures so fundamentally that it’s depressing how little attention is paid […]

Why recruitment behaviour is crucial to brand image

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Many charities have professional teams of marketing communications experts who plan, execute and evaluate activities and the impact they have on organisational reputation and income. Budgets are set aside to enhance and reinforce external profile and image and, in those charities large and complex enough to need dedicated internal communications staff, much time, energy and […]