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How to benchmark and improve your performance

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It’s already the middle of January and many New Year Resolutions are teetering on the brink of collapse. But fear not – there is one resolution that you can make which you will be able to keep because it requires little effort, is really interesting for anyone who is curious about how others behave and […]

The importance of workforce development

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The importance of workforce development should not be underestimated but in these days of funding cutbacks and emphasis on evaluating impact, setting up social enterprises and collaboration with the public sector it’s easy for people and their development needs to drop down the priority list. Perhaps people are seen as less complex or less essential […]

Finding and keeping trustees

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In Trustees Week 2011 it seems timely to write a few words about the challenge that faces many of us who are involved in charity management. How do we find skilled individuals willing to volunteer their time as trustees and, having found them, how do we then keep them on board? Recruiting the right trustees […]

Making time for planning

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As yet another deadline looms it’s so easy to lurch from one urgent task to another with an increasing sense of struggling to cope and an ever present feeling of “phew – another crisis narrowly avoided”. I’m convinced that some people are adrenalin junkies who need the thrill of near misses to keep them going. […]

Working in harmony

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I heard an interview on the Today programme this morning with a young British / Libyan woman who is in Libya to help ordinary people caught up in the current conflict. Her passion and motivation rang out as she stated: “I don’t care about the politics, they can all go blow themselves up for all […]

A fresh pair of eyes

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One of the benefits of bringing a consultant or interim manager into your organisation, apart from expanding resources temporarily to achieve some critical objective, is that you can gain a new perspective on an issue. I attended an Institute of Interim Management event last week about the new Agency Worker Regulations (main message: don’t panic, […]